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We sincerely welcome you to visit our website
Since Georimtech started with electronic components in braun tube TV as display field. Georimtech has accumulated customer trust through continuous R & D, technological innovation and overseas advancement in display development and change through LCD and OLED. Currently, we are manufacturing die-cut functional films and tapes components parts for various applications based on OLED, and expanding our new business area by developing next-generation display components. Georimtech has achieved customer satisfaction through careful review of customer needs and self-reflection for technological innovation.
We will continue to develop new technologies tailored to the market through continuous R & D investment. In particular, we will respond promptly to the needs of diverse and rapidly changing markets through an open communication system. Georimtech will become a company that creates the best value through thorough customer-oriented thinking and continuous customer service. In addition, we will do our best to fulfill our role and responsibility as a company that will lead the infinite possibilities of the future and revitalization of the local economy and to pay our respects and faith to you.
Thank you.

President & CEO     Lee Chang Won